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Wichniowski Elektronik is a platform for unique electronic instruments and projects by Johannes Bugiel. For product updates follow me on Twitter


Telemark.io is a drone instrument and crowd sourced radio for atmospheres and noises. The Application was build using the Webaudio API and React. Start by setting up a synth rack adding as many oscillators your browser can handle and explore the sonic universe of low frequency oscillation, waveshaping and reverb. If you found the right setting hit the red dot on the top right to record your drone. Hit it one more time to stop your recording and head over to the radio to listen to your and all other drones created with Telemark.

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Resovox - SQ01 out now!

Dear Kryptostudio Users, first of all, thanks for downloading (or even buying) Kryptostudio and all the nice  & helpful feedback! Since most of you requested a Windows version or VST/AU I’ve...


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