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Resovox - SQ01 out now!

Dear Kryptostudio Users,

first of all, thanks for downloading (or even buying) Kryptostudio and all the nice  & helpful feedback! Since most of you requested a Windows version or VST/AU I’ve started working on a new sound machine. It’s called Resovox and it’s a unique distortion synthesizer that builds upon the Kryptostudion engine and will be released later this year!

As Kryptostudio marked the beginning of my search for a rough but warm synthetic sound, Resovox will be the catharsis of all this research. To give you a glimpse of what it’s capable of I will start releasing a series of EPs, the Resovox Sequences, which will feature signature sounds of this bizarre instrument. The first EP just came out on Bandcamp today: http://wichniowski.bandcamp.com/album/resovox-sq01

As always, feel free to listen to it for free or support the development of my electronic instruments by buying a digital copy on Bandcamp. For further updates, visit wichniow.ski or twitter.com/wichniowski

Atom Gibberwocky Ableton Live Livecoding Plugin

Gibberwocky is a live-coding environment for Ableton Live using WebSocket and a max/msp patch collection. Gibberwocky is based on Gibber and developed by @charlieroberts This is the first working...


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