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Wichniowski Elektronik is a platform for unique electronic instruments and projects by Johannes Bugiel. For product updates follow me on Twitter

Kryptostudio 4 Live out now at Gumroad!

GET IT NOW -> https://gumroad.com/wichniowski

Kryptostudio is a drum-machine/drone-generator/noise-synthesizer with nifty features like:

  • √ 2 sine/saw oscillators with extensive frequency and envelope controls
  • ø 1 noise generator which can be used to design snares or hi-hat sounds
  • † feedback chain of doom… really be careful
  • Ω lowpass-filter to spice things up
  • ∞ Ableton Link integration to sync kryptostudio to your live session (beta, see F.A.Q section)

DEMO: https://twitter.com/wichniowski/status/813372874908168193

IMPORTANT!!: If you’re seeing an error while opening Kryptostudio follow these steps: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/45404/mac-downloaded-app-is-damaged-and-cant-be-opened-error-solved/

on mac os Sierra try this: https://techstuffer.com/this-app-is-damaged-error-macos-sierra/

for updates follow me:



have fun making noise ~wichniowski

NOTE: OS X only! this software comes as it is and is not tested on every OS X version. Feel free to download it for free.


Q: I get an error saying the app is damaged

A: For MAC OS Sierra follow these instructions: http://bit.ly/2iDoHnG

For all other OS X versions follow these instructions: http://bit.ly/1zAaec0

Q: Ableton Link is not working. How can I fix that?

A: I’m working on a fix for Ableton Link synchronisation which will be released asap.

Resovox SQ-01 AU & VST out QT2-2017

RESOVOX SQ-01 - VST & AU out QT4 / 2017 from Johannes Bugiel on Vimeo. Introducing RESOVOX the resonance distortion synthesizer featuring oscilloscopic visualizations. Resovox builds on top of...


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