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Atom Gibberwocky Ableton Live Livecoding Plugin

Gibberwocky is a live-coding environment for Ableton Live using WebSocket and a max/msp patch collection. Gibberwocky is based on Gibber and developed by @charlieroberts

This is the first working version and will be heavily improved.


  • Install gibberwocky
  • Clone or download this plugin and install it by changing into the package directory and running “apm install” and “apm link”
  • Restart Atom and add the custom keymap to your keymappings: Atom -> Keymap
  • Hit “alt-shift-enter” or click “Packages -> gibberwocky -> Toggle” to start the session

How to use

  • Submit every line of code by selecting it and hitting alt-shift-enter
  • It’s handy to keep Ableton in sight since there is no visual representation of the lom right now
  • Keep in mind the transport needs to be running for sequences to play

Custom Keymappings

  'alt-shift-enter': "gibberwocky:toggle"


get it here https://github.com/DEVFROMABOVE/atom-gibberwocky

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